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Chapeau chimio femme atteinte de cancer, Bruxelles

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Bonnet perte de cheveux

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Chapeau doux perte de cheveux

Presentation of the Caring Hat project

The Caring Hat project was created by La Maison Fabienne Delvigne. The internationally renowned brand has been creating hats and other fashion accessories for over 35 years. In recent years, the company has been faced with a growing demand from its customers (men and women) who, suffering from alopecia (hair loss), do not wish to turn to the wig/cap solution. Fabienne Delvigne noticed that the alternative of the made-to-measure hat met this real need. She therefore wanted to invest more in the well-being of her customers by creating a new collection called "Caring Hat".

Les « Caring Hat » look like everyday hats, which means that you don't look different or "sick". They are perfectly adapted to the new morphology of the head.  A Caring Hat is an elegant and appropriate response to a painful situation and to the need to be seen for who you are.

The Caring Hat are tailor made in the privacy of a private home by appointment. This allows a relationship of trust with kindness and gentleness away from the routine of hospital and treatment.

Presentation of the non profit organisation

The Caring Hat Fund Organisation supports and promotes the solidarity project Caring Hat. The mission of the organisation is to offer an alternative to the usual headgear to people suffering from hair loss (alopecia).

Care & Softness

Caring Hat- Léa Essayage

This line of hats, turbans and caps is designed for people who lose their hair as a result of treatment for cancer or other severe disease. 

An alternative solution to wigs and headbands, offering adapted technical performance with psychological support at a competitive price. This collection, filled with softness and elegance, aims to offer patients a creation of quality, adapted, personalised and tailor-made. 

To highlight their beauty despite the illness, to see them shine, to dream. Thus, a true ally and symbol of courage, the Caring Hat will restore your self-confidence and can also be worn after the illness.

La Maison Fabienne Delvigne uses natural materials that guarantee comfort, softness and avoid allergies.  The UV protection can be reinforced by a special lining if necessary, as well as against the heat or to protect you from the cold.


Caring Hat- Léa


"When I was told I had cancer, I immediately thought of the wig and when I started trying them on it never felt right. In fact, I didn't feel like myself. I didn't really want a wig, but I only realised this when I met Fabienne Delvigne. A woman can be beautiful in her illness with a hat, especially with beautiful hats. It was Fabienne Delvigne who helped me to understand that the wig is not mandatory and for that I thank her from the bottom of my heart. "


"Thank you! A seemingly simple little word, but for me it takes on a very special meaning in this testimony. This "thank you" expresses an immense gratitude to Fabienne Delvigne. A huge thank you for the kindness, humility, generosity and welcome that I received.

In a difficult period of my life, I really had a dream afternoon. To experience a magical and unexpected moment is so good for the morale and warms the heart.

Thanks to the beautiful hat I received, it allows me to feel beautiful every day, despite the physical change.

Normally the hat is worn, but in certain circumstances, the hat carries you.
Fabienne Delvigne

The Caring Hat experience

The Caring Hats are designed for any woman and/or man who wants an alternative to a wig in case of hair loss.  Via the Caring Hat Fund Organisation, people in precarious situations can also benefit from them.

Step 1

Make an appointment by calling +32 2 735 90 41 

Open the door of La Maison Fabienne Delvigne and experience an exceptional moment.  This meeting will be centred on listening to you and giving you back your self-confidence. All this far from your medical routine. 

Step 2

Discover the magical world of creation, discuss with La Maison Fabienne Delvigne team, try on several hats and finally, on the advice of the designer, choose the one that suits you best. The proposed models will be made according to the shape of your face and the size of your head, the tone of your skin and the colour of your eyes. You will leave with your own Caring Hat.

Step 3

After your recovery, your Caring Hat will accompany you
in your daily life.

If you don't have the financial means, but would like a Caring Hat, you can apply via the Caring Hat Fund. The application must be made by a medial contact of a partner hospital.

The non profit Organisation


Caring Hat- Léa Essayage copie

Article in La Libre Belgique

Discover the article published in La Libre Belgique about our Caring Hat project. In this article, the milliner Fabienne Delvigne, co-founder of the Caring Hat Fund, explains the aim of this great initiative with the intervention of Léa, a Caring Hat patient, and Professor Berlière.

Meeting with Parliamentarians at the Saint-Jean Clinic

We had the opportunity to meet with parliamentarians Christian Leysen, Robby de Caluwé and Nathalie Gilson as well as the medical team at Clinique Saint-Jean. During this meeting we discussed a new bill that would allow people with hair loss to be reimbursed en grande partie de leurs chapeaux.

We presented our project to 8 doctors from the St Jean team

We presented our project to 8 doctors from the St John's team. The team was very touched by the project and would like to participate in its development. We are working together with our partner hospitals in order to help as many patients with alopecia (hair loss) as possible. 

Visit from a coordinator from the Cancer Foundation

Still with the aim of helping as many people as possible, we are thinking of setting up a partnership between our non profit organisation and the Fondation against Cancer. This is why Mrs Laura Diskeuve came to visit us. A nice exchange of ideas about the project and the wish to make it known throughout Belgium.

Would you like to participate in our project?

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