Témoignage de Patiente atteinte de cancer; chimiothérapie

Témoignage chapeau maladie grave, perte de cheveux

Chapeau cuir chevelu sensible 

Chapeau qui protège les peaux sensible

Chapeau confortable

Chapeau doux

Chapeau hypoallergique

Chapeau dermatologique cancer

Chapeau bonne mine

Chapeau fushia

Chapeau anti UV

Chapeau en matière naturel

Chapeau éco responsable cancer

Chapeau peau sensibilisé par la chimiothérapie

Chapeau témoignage cancer perte de cheveux

Chapeau protecteur

Chapeau protecteur

Chapeau chimio femme

Chapeau chimio homme

The origin of the project

The Caring Hat Fund non profit organisation supports and promotes the project Caring Hat. The mission of the organisation is to offer people in precarious situations and suffering from hair loss (alopecia) an alternative solution to the usual headgear. The non profit organisation works closely with hospitals. Only the doctors treating the patient can judge the situation and decide to give him or her a Caring Hat free of charge.

How to help us

With an increasing demand from underprivileged patients, we are more than ever in need of your financial support to offer Caring Hats to those people who would not be able to buy it despite their wish. 

These people benefit from the free Caring Hat. They will receive the headgear of their choice with expert advice, a customised fit and personalised support.  A service full of kindness and gentleness, far from the routine of the hospital and its treatments.



I had the pleasure to meet Fabienne Delvigne with her collaborators in her workshop.  A magical place, where I had the chance to explore the creation of all her admirable hats designed also for the members of the royal families of Belgium and other countries. An unforgettable visit! I thank her wholeheartedly for this wonderful gift! A beautiful hat (cap style) of blue linen, lined with white cotton, very comfortable. She took the time to adjust it to the size of my head.  This allowed me to remain beautiful despite the loss of my beautiful curly hair following my chemotherapy treatment.  

What a great gesture! She created the Caring Hat Fund and works closely with the Saint John Clinic.  

I would also like to thank the reference nurse Caroline GOSSENS and my oncologist Dr DELANDE from the Saint-Jean clinic for putting me in contact with Fabienne Delvigne. 

I had a very nice and magical experience!