BREAKING NEWS! Hats will soon be covered for patients suffering from alopecia.

Conférence cancer du sein Verviers

The law on mandatory health care insurance has just been amended. Hats have just been added to the list of pharmaceutical benefits eligible for coverage. This change is significant for people with alopecia, who can now choose to have either a wig or a hat.

A hat accessible to all

Our mission is simple: to collect funds in order to provide a 'Caring Hat' to those in need.  This law will make hats accessible to everyone and Caring Hat Fund will continue to provide some comfort for those going through a difficult time due to a serious illness or its treatments. 

Recognition and coverage

For over two years, the non-profit organization Caring Hat Fund has been advocating to raise awareness among authorities, health professionals, hospitals, professional institutions, and associations about the importance of hats for people suffering from hair loss (alopecia). The organization strives to have these hats recognized not as fashion accessories, but as essential alternatives crucial for the well-being and self-confidence of individuals living with this condition. The goal is clear: to change perceptions and ensure increased support for those who experience hair loss due to serious illness.

A fight to give patients (especially young ones) a choice

Since its beginnings, Caring Hat Fund has fought tirelessly with two main objectives: to recognize hats as an alternative for patients suffering from alopecia (hair loss) and to give patients a choice. 

With cancer increasingly affecting young people, we are committed to break stereotypes by offering an option that allows patients to maintain a part of their identity.

We celebrate this first victory and will continue, with determination, our commitment to support individuals affected by alopecia.

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