Caring Hat

A collection of custom hats that provides an alternative solution to wigs for individuals affected by alopecia (hair loss)

Presentation of the Caring Hat project

The Caring Hat project was created by the Maison Fabienne Delvigne. The internationally renowned brand has been creating hats and other fashion accessories for over 35 years. In recent years, the company faced a growing demand from its customers (men and women) who, suffering from alopecia (hair loss), did not wish to turn to the wig/cap solution. Fabienne Delvigne noticed that the alternative of the custom-made hat met this real need. She therefore wanted to invest more in the well-being of her customers by creating a new collection called "Caring Hat".

The "Caring Hat" collection is made from natural, comfortable, and soft materials. Depending on the fabric, they can be worn both in winter and summer. They are designed to cover the entire scalp while providing volume, which gives a sense of security and comfort.

These custom hats, perfectly tailored to each individual's morphology, help to face the illness and better cope with its treatment-related side effects. They restore confidence and self-esteem.

The hat elicits admiration rather than pity. Individuals are welcomed with kindness in the intimacy of a private home, an environment filled with gentleness and attentive care, for a moment of well-being away from the hospital routine.

Presentation of the non-profit organisation

In order to make the Caring Hat accessible to everyone, a non-profit organization called the "Caring Hat Fund" has been established. Its goal is to raise funds to provide a Caring Hat to individuals affected by alopecia who do not have the financial means to obtain a quality, tailored hat. The beneficiaries are selected by the medical staff of partner hospitals and Belgian associations involved in the project.

Care & Softness

Caring Hat ChanLouise Little Hepbrun Bordeaux
This collection filled with softness aims to offer to the patients a quality creation, personalised and adapted to their morphology.

To highlight their beauty despite the illness, to see them shine, to dream. Thus, a true ally and symbol of courage, the Caring Hat will give them back their confidence and help them cope with the disease and the side effects of treatment.

By the use of natural materials, these hats guarantee comfort in all seasons.
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We're almost there!
Through its members and volunteers, Caring Hat and its non-profit association are continuing to actively raise awareness among the public and political bodies involved, in order to obtain reimbursement of €180 for headgear, as it is already the case for wigs.
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« Normally, we wear our hats. But in certain circumstances, it's the hat that carries us! »
Fabienne Delvigne

The Caring Hat experience

"Caring Hat" hats are designed for anyone looking for an alternative to a wig in the case of hair loss. Via the Caring Hat Fund non-profit organisation, people in financial difficulty can also benefit from them free of charge.
Magasin de Fabienne Delvigne
Step 1
Make an appointment by calling +32 2 735 90 41

You'll receive a warm welcome in the intimacy of a private home, an environment filled with gentleness and attentiveness, for a moment of well-being away from the routine of the hospital.
Step 2
Then discover the magical world of design, talk to the Caring Hat team, try on several hats and finally choose the one that suits you best. It will be made to measure, personalised and perfectly tailored to your shape and will enhance your face.
Fabienne Delvigne etape 2
photo Madame Fabienne Delvigne
Step 3
The hat is eco-responsible and can continue to be worn after your recovery.
When the hair grows back, it can be enlarged if required.
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The Non-Profit Organisation

Support the non-profit organisation: make a donation. 

The aim of the non-profit organisation is to improve the well-being and self-esteem of people who do not have the financial means to buy a Caring Hat. The people are referred by the medical staff of the Belgian hospitals and associations that are partners in the project.
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