On Wednesday 3 July 2024 , we were on television! Caring Hat Fund took part in RTL info's "Signatures" TV show.

Conférence cancer du sein Verviers

During her appearance on the show, Fabienne Delvigne, one of the founders of Caring Hat Fund, explained how, thanks to the energy and enthusiasm of herself and her team of volunteers, they were able to obtain reimbursement for head coverings for patients suffering from alopecia due to a serious illness:

"We fought for almost two and a half years because, until now, only wigs were reimbursed in cases of serious illness. And I didn't think that was fair, because what I love is making people look their best. Not just at weddings, but also at times when someone is going trough a difficult time due to an illness that is causing them to lose their hair. (…) I fought, until we accomplished our goal.

Find out more by watching the video below :

We would like to thank RTL info for inviting us to take part in the "Signatures" TV show with Christophe Deborsu and Luc Gilson.

Source : https://www.rtl.be/actu/belgique/societe/la-chapeliere-fabienne-delvigne-devoile-son-projet-pour-sublimer-les-personnes/2024-07-03/article/686991

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