Testimonial from Vanessa

témoignage de Vanessa

My name is Vanessa, I'm 49 years old and I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.
In addition to the fear of the disease, I must admit that the fear of losing my hair, my femininity, my recognizable face, was great. Well-meaning comments such as "it will grow back" were hard to hear.
Via the Saint-Jean clinic in Brussels, I received a list of addresses for hats and scarves. I couldn't devote my full attention to it, as I was still assimilating the bad news and didn't like the famous "bonnet cancer".
My husband noticed the tension and, late one evening, sat down in front of the PC, looking for something that would suit me.
He came across the Maison Fabienne Delvigne - Caring Hat website and immediately knew that these hats could bring something special to this dark time. He sent an e-mail late that evening and immediately received a warm reply.

One day after my first chemo, my husband surprised me. He had organized a visit to La Maison Fabienne Delvigne - a renowned milliner - to see the Caring Hats.
We were pleasantly welcomed in a quiet salon-boudoir. Each hat on display has its own unique place. I hesitated for a moment, but the sight of all those hats quickly motivated me. My heart started beating faster when I tried on a hat. A smile appeared on my face and I beamed. I felt beautiful!
Each hat is soft and comfortable. It was very difficult to choose. Fabienne looked for the best combination for my face.
I immediately fell for the Lolita creation, in soft velvet with a subtle print that can be combined endlessly!
The Tatiana creation is a little more classic, and someone remarked that it had a little Downton Abbey air about it!
Angelina's Fuchsia creation was a surprise for me. Fuchsia is a very bright color and I wouldn't have chosen it spontaneously. When Fabienne placed the hat on my head, I was immediately seduced! The strength of the color lights up the face!

All the creations provide warmth and protection up to the neck and just above the ears, giving you a proper, beautiful and voluminous look.

It was a great evening! As someone who loves hats so much, I can also take advantage of this particular accessory in these difficult times.
When I go out, I put on my Caring Hat and notice that people are looking at me. I then turn around with a feeling of happiness!
The special thing about these hats is that I'll continue to enjoy them after I've recovered. They're beautiful and will remain so. They're fabulous!

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