Testimonial from Katrien

"Last March, I was diagnosed with breast cancer requiring chemotherapy treatment. This meant losing my hair, which is, of course, the most visible effect of chemotherapy and it worried me because, in social situations, it would be very clear that I had cancer, and that's something I didn't want. But there weren't many options, so I ordered cancer hats that I mainly wanted to wear indoors. I also bought a wig, and my idea was to always wear the wig when I went out. Quickly, I realized that a wig was very warm and not always practical.

So, I looked for another solution, and fortunately, I got in touch with Caring Hat through my company's management, and I finally found something that helped me feel better and encouraged me to go out to regain a social life. Something elegant, and that's the hat I'm wearing at the moment. So, I'm very pleased to have connected with Fabienne Delvigne, one of the founders of Caring Hat. She's a great designer, and as you can see, it's not just an ordinary hat; it's really adapted to the fact that I have no hair but also perfectly fitted to my head, and that's very important. I am, therefore, very satisfied with this hat."

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