I had the pleasure to meet you and your collaborators in your magical place, where I had the chance to explore the creation of all your beautiful hats for the members of the royal families of Belgium and other countries. 

I wanted to thank you very much for my wonderful visit and your magnificent gift, a beautiful hat (cap style) of blue linen, lined with a very comfortable white cotton material.  


I am Vanesa, 49 years old, and I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.
Apart from the fear of the disease, I must admit that the fear of losing my hair, my femininity, my recognizable face, was important. The well-intentioned remarks, such as "it will grow back", were difficult to listen to.

Mlle Luna

"I would really like to thank Fabienne Delvigne, whom I had the chance to meet during my chemotherapy. She had a lot of empathy when she came to visit me in my hospital room 

I think these hats are super comfortable and super soft. You can't even tell I've lost my hair.


"When I was told I had cancer, I immediately thought of the wig and when I started trying them on it never felt right. In fact, I didn't feel like myself. I didn't really want a wig, but I only realised this when I met Fabienne Delvigne. A woman can be beautiful in her illness with a hat, especially with beautiful hats. It was Fabienne Delvigne who helped me to understand that the wig is not mandatory and for that I thank her from the bottom of my heart. "

Caring Hat- Léa