Testimonial from Rosa

Témoignage Rosa Aumento

"I had the pleasure of meeting Fabienne Delvigne and her collaborators in her workshop. A magical place, where I had the chance to explore the creation of all her admirable hats designed also for members of the royal families of Belgium and other countries.

An unforgettable visit! I thank her wholeheartedly for this magnificent gift!

A beautiful hat (cap style) in blue linen, lined with very comfortable white cotton. She took the time to adjust it to the size of my head. This allowed me to remain beautiful despite the loss of my beautiful curly hair following my chemotherapy treatment.

What a wonderful gesture! She created the Asbl Caring Hat Fund and works closely with the Clinique Saint-Jean.

I would also like to thank my referral nurse Caroline GOSSENS and my oncologist Doctor DELANDE from the Saint-Jean clinic for putting me in touch with Fabienne Delvigne.

It was a wonderful and memorable experience!
Bravo and congratulations! "

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