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According to numerous studies, 65% of cancer patients suffer from alopecia (hair loss). This side effect of treatment is a traumatic experience for the majority of patients. It was found that out of 600 patients, 200 wanted to find an alternative to traditional wigs or other accessories. 

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The "Caring Hats" are as similar to everyday hats as possible, so that you don't look different or "sick". They are perfectly adapted to the new head shape. In this way, the project meets a real need. A Caring Hat is an elegant and appropriate response to a painful situation, to the need to be seen for who you are. 

Professor Martine Piccart, oncologist at the Institut Bordet, says: " The project is bold and pioneeringbecause it will help and improve the well-being and self-esteem of patients. These are aspects that are often forgotten, although they are essential pillars in the treatment of the disease. »


Professor Berlière, gynaecologist and coordinator of the breast clinic at the King Albert Institute Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc

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