Caring Hat Fund Strategy Meeting

Conférence cancer du sein Verviers

Caring Hat Fund always wants to help more patients. For that reason, We are looking for new ways to improve our communication. On March 4th we had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Thérèse Delatte (president of the CFFB’s Health Commission), Mrs. Pascale Luyckx (Freelance human ressources representative) and Dr. Béatrice Gérard (vice-president of Quintiles). We shared professional experiences and ideas to come forward with a new strategy.

Our first communication objective is to create a community around Caring Hat Fund. Social media will, therefore, be essential. Instagram and Facebook will be the main platforms we will be working on. These visual media will allow us to showcase the designs worn by the patients and to put a face to this disease. Cancer is not only about treatement. Patients have to go through a plethora of difficult changes such as hair loss.

We want to raise awareness to these subjects through a series of interviews and testimonies that you will see soon. We would like to thank Mrs. Delatte, Mrs. Luyckx and Dr. Gérard for their contacts and their precious advice.

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