BREAKING NEWS! Hats will soon be covered for patients suffering from alopecia.

The law on mandatory health care insurance has just been amended. Hats have just been added to the list of pharmaceutical benefits eligible for coverage. This change is significant for people with alopecia, who can now choose to have either a wig or a hat.

A hat accessible to all

Our mission is simple: to collect funds in order to provide a 'Caring Hat' to those in need.  This law will make hats accessible to everyone and Caring Hat Fund will continue to provide some comfort for those going through a difficult time due to a serious illness or its treatments. 

Recognition and coverage

For over two years, the non-profit organization Caring Hat Fund has been advocating to raise awareness among authorities, health professionals, hospitals, professional institutions, and associations about the importance of hats for people suffering from hair loss (alopecia). The organization strives to have these hats recognized not as fashion accessories, but as essential alternatives crucial for the well-being and self-confidence of individuals living with this condition. The goal is clear: to change perceptions and ensure increased support for those who experience hair loss due to serious illness.

A fight to give patients (especially young ones) a choice

Since its beginnings, Caring Hat Fund has fought tirelessly with two main objectives: to recognize hats as an alternative for patients suffering from alopecia (hair loss) and to give patients a choice. 

With cancer increasingly affecting young people, we are committed to break stereotypes by offering an option that allows patients to maintain a part of their identity.

We celebrate this first victory and will continue, with determination, our commitment to support individuals affected by alopecia.

Joining forces: Caring Hat Fund at Brussels 20km.

On May 26, Caring Hat Fund and MSD Belgium will be taking part in the Brussels 20km to support alopecia patients.

The MSD Belgium team has chosen to run the Brussels 20km in support of our project: “Caring Hat”.  The Caring Hat is an everyday hat for people suffering from alopecia as a result of serious illness or treatment, providing a sense of well-being and comfort. The Caring Hat Fund NPO covers the cost of the Caring Hat for the patient in need (*). To find out more about the Caring Hat project, click here.

MSD Belgium embodies a deep commitment to global health. Today, it is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of diseases such as cancer.

Every year, an MSD team participates in the 20 km of Brussels. This year, they wanted to associate their participation with Caring Hat Fund. Caring Hat Fund and MSD Laboratories proved to be genuine partners. The MSD team created T-Shirts to salute our partnership at this wonderful event.

By joining forces, we reinforce our commitment to health and invite you to support our cause.

If you're also taking part in the Brussels 20 km and would like to support us by wearing a Caring Hat T-Shirt, you can contact us here. We have a limited amount of t-shirts. Don't hesitate, run with us ! The 2024 edition is full for now. However, additional spots will be sold May 2 at 9 am.

Caring Hat Fund Strategy Meeting

Caring Hat Fund always wants to help more patients. For that reason, We are looking for new ways to improve our communication. On March 4th we had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Thérèse Delatte (president of the CFFB’s Health Commission), Mrs. Pascale Luyckx (Freelance human ressources representative) and Dr. Béatrice Gérard (vice-president of Quintiles). We shared professional experiences and ideas to come forward with a new strategy.

Our first communication objective is to create a community around Caring Hat Fund. Social media will, therefore, be essential. Instagram and Facebook will be the main platforms we will be working on. These visual media will allow us to showcase the designs worn by the patients and to put a face to this disease. Cancer is not only about treatement. Patients have to go through a plethora of difficult changes such as hair loss.

We want to raise awareness to these subjects through a series of interviews and testimonies that you will see soon. We would like to thank Mrs. Delatte, Mrs. Luyckx and Dr. Gérard for their contacts and their precious advice.

Ensor 2024 Exhibit : Art in the Fight Against Cancer

Art connects us with our inner harmony. This strength helps us face our trials and tribulations: the hardest moments of our lives. It gives us fortitude when our bodies cannot carry us. Art has the power to heal.

This idea inspired the collaboration between Kom op tegen Kanker: the number one association in the fight against cancer in Flanders and Bozar during the James Ensor Maestro’s exhibit. Each ticket sold will bring a contribution to the Flemish association.

This February 28th, the Caring Hat team has had the pleasure of attending Ensor 2024’s opening. More than 200 paintings of this true master will be exposed at Bozar until June 23rd 2024.

For more than a year, Kom op tegen Kanker and Caring Hat Fund have been working together to help patients feel joyful and confident again.

Kom op tegen Kanker helps us become well-known in Flanders by introducing our NPO to regional hospitals. Their volunteers present our project to the patients they visit regularly.

Gastroenterology conference in Antwerp

We had the pleasure of participating in the gastroenterology conference held from January 31st to February 2nd in Antwerp. At our booth, we met numerous doctors and healthcare professionals, all highly interested in our initiative aimed at addressing the issue of hair loss following a serious illness."

Benefit evening in Tongeren with the Soroptimist Club

On 1 September 2023, the Soroptimist Club of Tongeren organised a charity dinner. Thanks to their generous donation to the Caring Hat Fund, our project will be able to help more patients in financial difficulty. During the evening, a fashion show was organised and our Caring Hat hats made their way down the red carpet. Mrs Fabienne Delvigne and Mrs Christel Thomis gave speeches at the end of the dinner, bringing the evening to a close.
Once again, we would like to thank the Soroptimist Club of Tongeren for this incredible evening and their generous donation.

Conference on the breast cancer journey

On Thursday 12 October, we attended a conference in Dison on the breast cancer journey. This initiative was organised by the Soroptimist Clubs of Verviers & Spa and the Clinique du Sein of the CHR Verviers for Pink October, breast cancer awareness month. We were on hand at our stand to tell you all about our project and try on our different hats, all in good humour. Ms Delvigne also gave a speech on stage in front of more than 150 people to explain the Caring Hat project and our ASBL.
The conference, which was free and open to all, provided an opportunity for professionals in the field to meet and discuss the various symptoms and treatments of breast cancer.